Help The Refugees

This civil war crisis that’s happening in Syria is so mind blowing that for me it’s something I only imagine seeing in the movies. You wouldn’t think that this type of life exist anywhere in this world, especially when you’re from the United States. It just seems like a bad dream until you actually do the research and see that indeed this is taking place in Syria. Can you imagine being a victim of this civil war, being homeless, on the run, hungry or thirsty, etc. I know I can’t even though I was raised in a place that was poor and nothing like life here even in the islands. The conditions, and situations I experienced there was a tiny piece of what these people are facing and the truth is I wouldn’t want to experience that again. It’s the reason why I wouldn’t want anybody living through the types of situations the Syrians are living through and so I hope that those that are able to help actually lends the help.


What support should we give Syria?

I think right of the back aiding Syria with the supplies that they are lacking. Food, Water, Medical Supplies, education for the kids, clothes, shelter, etc. For the countries that are closer to Syria, I feel that it would be good for them to open up and let them come in. We being so far away across the ocean it would be more expensive to bring them here but if our budget allows us to then we should too. I know there’s concern about terrorist attack and thats the reason I say that their neighbor countries should open to them first because they should be more connected in culture. But we can start off on the smaller scale and help in whatever other way we can.

Self Taught

Wanted to talk about a character in the name of Hayuk from Barbara Demicks book. He is one that we see have basically no fear in his actions and does some pretty wrecking things while in survival mode. What do you expect from a boy that lost a love one mainly his mother whom to a child is the closest person to them because of the 9 extra months shared in the womb. To make things worst he is raised in a place that is going trough some very troubling time. His father can’t take care of him so he ends up in a shelter and has to basically learn how to survive along with the others in the shelter. There’s really no one for him to look up to or tell him right from wrong and this basically almost cost him his life when he was caught for aiding or helping out smugglers from China which usually resulted in the death penalty. Going through this is something that a boy his age or anybody in that fact shouldn’t ever have to experience. I’m happy though that because of all that he experience and his careless behavior he got to cross the river to China and see the truth and the difference from what he was raised to know.

The Heart and Wisdom of a Father

We witness in the book that Mi-Ran’s father because of his past is a very quiet man who keeps to himself. We know that the reason for this is to protect his children even though they don’t understand it that way. In our own lives that typically seems to happen a lot where we question our parents decisions or ways of doing things and we think as children that we are right and sometimes maybe less than more are right. But as I learned from experience, our parents are usually right no matter how book smart we might be. They are wiser in the years of experience they accumulated and more then not are right no matter what we children might think.

True Loyalty

Wanted to talk about Ms. Song for today. Man this lady is the most loyal person that you see in this book. You talk about making a leader proud, she is the perfect example. She is dedicated, goes beyond expectations in the things that she does and just the ideal North Korean. She was such a strong willed lady, mother, wife, helper, leader, etc. Even when things started to collapse and the food portions were going down and work was running out she stayed loyal and didn’t even thinking about doing the things that would disgrace her name like participating in the black market. Even when she was losing people she loved to death of starvation she stayed faithful. It was only when she basically lost everything that she considered selling things because as a human being that’s what you do when you have nothing left and you feel there’s no hope. I commend her loyalty and her perseverance in a society and country that is collapsing. Would most people be as loyal as she is? I don’t think there’s many that would be like Ms. Song. A true figure of Loyalty.

independent thinking

I think it’s very obvious that living in a country like North Korea with a careless leader is your ideal independent thinker. Living in a poorer or strict side of society aids to this too. Having little or even having a lot then losing it also plays a role in this. Or living a life of restsriction and little freedom.  Another is losing everything that you have and then basically not caring. Being in survival mode and having hope that there’s better. Or also the opposite of just not caring at all what happens and chancing it all or nothing.

The Arts and the Media

This article went deeper into what the book talks about with the propaganda or what the people of North Korea were allowed to watch or listen to. North Korea is very strict with this policy but there are of course those with intelligence to tweak it and go around it. To me this is part one of the brainwashing systems they had in place so that the people don’t find out about anything other then what they are telling or teaching them. Only certain people could have this radios and then they also came up with another style radio that was a one channel radio and could not be interfered with. Messing with the dictator was a serious offense even if it’s messing with his picture on the front page of a newspaper. Bottom line is that North Korea’s leader does all it takes to make sure the people are loyal to him and to North Korea.

To Whom Does North Korea Post The Most Threat?

To whom does North Korea post the most threat? I believe its the kids that takes it harder then any other set of groups in North Korea. And hen I say the kids I mean the kids of those in the workers party, the kids of teachers, the kids of the poor, and so on. The kids take the heat no matter what the dictator or what party member or what the poor parent does. The kids have no say in the land or have no say period. They have no voice yet do as they are told to do.


I believe that this is the case for all people in North Korea, it’s not just certain people but most people that want to be successful. I think it’s more of who has the opportunity to make it in this society. Theres many benefits when you are a highly intelligent person in North Korea. These are the types of people that they want in their party. Dr. Kim is a different type of person, she does not take non sense from anybody but at the same time has a tremendous heart for human life. She takes a lot of pride in the things that she does and this can put her in harms way against the regime. But then again I believe that her job and the importance of  the lives that are entrusted in her hands is also a safeguard for what may seem to be an act of defience against the regime.

Big Brother Is Watching

This article goes into more detail of what were actually reading in Nothing To Envy. The article gives us other examples or stories of events that other people reported which are just like those that were reading in this book. We know of all the spies and neighbors telling on neighbors or relatives telling on relatives. We also know of the possibility that it doesn’t matter your rank because you can lose that at any time. And in the beginning of the article theres Kim Pyongha who was a distant relative of Kim Il Sung and was purged while thousands of officers were sent to labor camps. Theres the vet that uttered about only pigs being the only ones that live happy lives, he was shot and family sent to prison camps. The articles also talks about the inminbang and their task as surveilance gaurdians and all their other unpleasant tasks. The one that struck me though were the police searches done at night sometimes while people were sleeping and they were deep thorough searches. These and everything else that were reading in the book is being touched on in this article and I can see why the author was drawn to this article. This is a high quality article because of the similarities and evidence or proof of the lives of North Koreans and what they go through.