Big Brother Is Watching

This article goes into more detail of what were actually reading in Nothing To Envy. The article gives us other examples or stories of events that other people reported which are just like those that were reading in this book. We know of all the spies and neighbors telling on neighbors or relatives telling on relatives. We also know of the possibility that it doesn’t matter your rank because you can lose that at any time. And in the beginning of the article theres Kim Pyongha who was a distant relative of Kim Il Sung and was purged while thousands of officers were sent to labor camps. Theres the vet that uttered about only pigs being the only ones that live happy lives, he was shot and family sent to prison camps. The articles also talks about the inminbang and their task as surveilance gaurdians and all their other unpleasant tasks. The one that struck me though were the police searches done at night sometimes while people were sleeping and they were deep thorough searches. These and everything else that were reading in the book is being touched on in this article and I can see why the author was drawn to this article. This is a high quality article because of the similarities and evidence or proof of the lives of North Koreans and what they go through.


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