True Loyalty

Wanted to talk about Ms. Song for today. Man this lady is the most loyal person that you see in this book. You talk about making a leader proud, she is the perfect example. She is dedicated, goes beyond expectations in the things that she does and just the ideal North Korean. She was such a strong willed lady, mother, wife, helper, leader, etc. Even when things started to collapse and the food portions were going down and work was running out she stayed loyal and didn’t even thinking about doing the things that would disgrace her name like participating in the black market. Even when she was losing people she loved to death of starvation she stayed faithful. It was only when she basically lost everything that she considered selling things because as a human being that’s what you do when you have nothing left and you feel there’s no hope. I commend her loyalty and her perseverance in a society and country that is collapsing. Would most people be as loyal as she is? I don’t think there’s many that would be like Ms. Song. A true figure of Loyalty.


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