Self Taught

Wanted to talk about a character in the name of Hayuk from Barbara Demicks book. He is one that we see have basically no fear in his actions and does some pretty wrecking things while in survival mode. What do you expect from a boy that lost a love one mainly his mother whom to a child is the closest person to them because of the 9 extra months shared in the womb. To make things worst he is raised in a place that is going trough some very troubling time. His father can’t take care of him so he ends up in a shelter and has to basically learn how to survive along with the others in the shelter. There’s really no one for him to look up to or tell him right from wrong and this basically almost cost him his life when he was caught for aiding or helping out smugglers from China which usually resulted in the death penalty. Going through this is something that a boy his age or anybody in that fact shouldn’t ever have to experience. I’m happy though that because of all that he experience and his careless behavior he got to cross the river to China and see the truth and the difference from what he was raised to know.


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