Help The Refugees

This civil war crisis that’s happening in Syria is so mind blowing that for me it’s something I only imagine seeing in the movies. You wouldn’t think that this type of life exist anywhere in this world, especially when you’re from the United States. It just seems like a bad dream until you actually do the research and see that indeed this is taking place in Syria. Can you imagine being a victim of this civil war, being homeless, on the run, hungry or thirsty, etc. I know I can’t even though I was raised in a place that was poor and nothing like life here even in the islands. The conditions, and situations I experienced there was a tiny piece of what these people are facing and the truth is I wouldn’t want to experience that again. It’s the reason why I wouldn’t want anybody living through the types of situations the Syrians are living through and so I hope that those that are able to help actually lends the help.