What Do You Do?

I been thinking a lot about the people of North Korea being under the leadership of Kim Jon Il. Especially because as time goes by they catch on to what’s going on with the shortage of  supplies or food portions, clothes, etc. The con act if you will of the dictator against them. People are not blind to it but the question is what are they or what can they do about it. I mean we can read the book and say from where we stand or live today why don’t they do this or that but given their circumstance or situation can they really do anything? Just thinking about the consequences that they face, is it worth it to risk it all? There’s a slim chance that someone can succeed and maybe later we’ll see how it all unfolds but as of now in the book risking your family being doomed to try and go against somebody as powerful as Kim Jon Il or against his will? Is that even a choice to consider?  Something to give thought to.


Hardly Known Reflection

This is a very sad situation to be in, to know that you had a chance to be free and that the chance came and went and you did not know about it. I can only imagine that to go through this thinking process is to just suck the life out of you. It explains why some of the South Koreans are still suck in North Korea  and living in this hell. This also shows the evil that is North Korea and just how they don’t play fair. Not to mention the low confidence or faith that some of these people have because of being is this situation. I believe the author wrote this article so that we can see the life of those that are living in North Korea whether it be by birth, by captivity or in the articles case by trickery.

To who does North Korea’s leader post the most threat?

To me no one in North Korea is safe from their dictator. Everything he does is for himself and for no one else. The way his system is run is to always keep everyone on their feet but also to self destroy everybody that is under it. He sets his self as god and sees the people as a world under him. The rules and laws are set so that no one can actually succeed but instead the people look to take down each other. It doesn’t matter if you got high rank or not because there is always somebody that has a higher status then you unless you are Kim Il Sung. Everyone in North Korea is under threat by their leader.

First blog post

I just wanted to reflect on this book Im currently reading titled “Nothing To Envy” which talks about what ordinary lives look like in North Korea. I must say that I don’t think I’ve read a book that caught my attention right off the back. The description of what it looks like at night with no lights basically pitched black and people can’t do certain things because there was no electricity back then. With that in mind I can’t help but to be thankful that I live in America. I mean I know it’s the 21st century and the book takes place in the early 1900’s but I know that America was far off better then than those living in North Korea. I feel sorry for these people because a lot of the culture and their way of life was bestowed on them by the leaders they had. It’s so sad that they were living this way and actually thought that that’s the way life is suppose to be. The people are basically fooled by their dictator who basically lies to them making them think that life outside of North Korea was far worst.

I love the how within all this darkness theres a love story that is actually happening or forming. Love representing light in the midst of this dark world. Sad to say that the book already spoils the fact that the two young love birds didn’t stay together but it seems as if they might meet up as the book continues. Man, it’s so crazy to think of how it was in this country without freedom to love or choose who you want to be with. You were labelled by how rich or poor or how high of rank your parents or family was. Along with this is the treatment of the different genders. Boys being considered of honor while girls were seen as equal. I honestly can’t believe that this is how life was or is for these human being. Thank God for America and the freedom to live our lives as normal human beings.

Well theres a lot more to read and Ill be looking forward to it but I must say that I’m enjoying this reading so for. I haven’t read a good book in a long while and so I look forward to finishing this love story. The book itself is very well written and easy to read with it’s vocabulary not being too crazy. I cant wait to read more of it.